Spring Cleaning and National Old Stuff Day

When Andy Warhol posited, “…everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes” was he thinking about specific days of the year, too? Believe it or not, March 2 was “National Old Stuff Day.” It’s a day to appreciate the difference between wonderful treasurers and worthless trash. It’s a day to declutter and make space for the new. With the vernal equinox occurring on March 20, let’s commence our emotional and spiritual spring cleaning today, starting with the safe disposal of [...]

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The Top Seven Healthy Heart Hacks

On December 30, 1963, President Johnson signed Proclamation 3566, which established February 1964 as the first “American Heart Month.” Every year since, the current President has proclaimed the same thing. The importance of having a month dedicated to heart health awareness cannot be overstated. Nearly a million Americans will die of cardiovascular disease each year, vastly exceeding any other cause. Cardiovascular disease includes heart attack, stroke, hypertension, coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease. Research indicates that seventy percent [...]

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The Top Four Health Hacks to Enjoy a Great 2017

What’s the story with resolutions? On New Year’s Day we make them, by Valentine’s Day they are a distant memory. Why is it so difficult to make lasting improvements to our lives? One theory is that we focus on making massive changes which trip the defense mechanisms designed to maintain our equilibrium. Even if it not healthy for us, this balance system keeps us in our comfort zone, unable to shift to a healthier paradigm. If you’ve had trouble [...]

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Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Holiday Fitness and Wellness Gifts

How often have you heard, “…If you have your health, you have everything?” Yet how many of us realize we are empowered to give our loved ones and ourselves gifts that can improve our health? Whether you spend $1 or a few thousand dollars, you can find something for everyone…even yourself.  Submitted for your consideration is Trainer Joe’s Top Ten Holiday Fitness and Wellness gifts: Sneakers: Having proper footwear makes exercise safe and effective. Not sure what type to [...]

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Top Five Fitness and Nutrition Trick or Treats

With Halloween fast approaching, one should be afraid, very afraid. The time between now and Thanksgiving is as dangerous as walking through a haunted forest on your way to grandma’s house with a basket of donuts. Just as every cloud has a silver lining, every Halloween fitness trick has a beneficial treat. Here are my Top Five: 1. Trick: Eat Breakfast Every Day Treat: Having adequate calories at breakfast will increase your morning energy level and decrease your need [...]

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Seven Sunday Hacks to Prepare for a Successful Week Ahead

How is your week starting off? The Mamas & The Papa’s song Monday Monday has always resonated with me, especially the lyrics, “Every other day of the week is fine, yeah / But whenever Monday comes you can find me cryin’ all of the time. Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.” What if you could ease your way into Monday by warming up for an hour or so on Sunday? You don’t go to the gym cold and lift [...]

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How to Jettison Jet Lag

  Over the years I’ve traveled to Israel for ten days, Hawaii for two weeks and Italy for a week. Last May I was at the podium in San Diego on a Tuesday and spoke again in Baltimore that Friday. Helping people leverage their wellness in order to increase their wealth was an exciting and rewarding mission. Jet lag has always been the small toll I paid for going across the time zones to spread the good word. Fortunately, [...]

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Two More Reasons Why Your CEO Should Be More Like My Bartender

Last week my wife and I were waiting at the bar for our table to be available at a favorite Jersey Shore eatery. While sipping our glasses of wine, Jimmy the bartender says, “…Want to check out this new cocktail I’ve been working on? We said “Sure,” and he poured each of us a small glass to sample and critique his new creation. After a sip or two, we each puckered our lips and shook our heads side to [...]

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Are You Running on Premium Fuel?

When I worked as a sales executive at NCR many years ago, Nick, my regional director, lived in New York, and whenever he would meet me in New Jersey, he would take the opportunity to fill his car with “cheap Jersey gas.” Even though his car required premium, he would fill it with regular in New York to save a few bucks. Reduced mileage, poor acceleration, rough idling and engine knock were the consequences of using fuel that didn’t [...]

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